Viva Hope Mercy Ministries

Changing Generations…One Life at a Time

The primary mission of Viva Hope (Living Hope) Mercy Ministries, is to build stronger families and neighborhoods and to be a place of hope where they can find the tools, programs and inspiration to improve the quality of their lives within a safe and loving environment.

Viva Hope is divided into in-reach and out-reach activities. In-reach (all activities on the YWAM campus, is taken place in our Community Center that offers courses, women’s support group, children’s day clubs, a mental health clinic, English classes, and special events throughout the year.

Viva Hope is currently building a Sports Center that will be the permanent home to our soccer school and Jiu-jitsu training.  Our goal is that this new structure will allow us to further provide classes such as dance, other martial arts, and weight training which is already in the works.   

Out-reach (all activities outside the YWAM campus) consists of family visits, dental and hygiene training, in-home mental health consults, children’s street ministry, evangelism, and construction projects.  Over the last 3 years we built 8 bathrooms for families that did not have one or had a non-useable bathroom, a house for a family of 4, and remodeled several homes to provide a better structure.  Viva Hope also partners with local public schools providing courses and training.  

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