Youth With A Mission offers training programs in more than 750 different locations spread across 160 countries in 100 different languages. This global university of YWAM is knowm as the University of the Nations. Each of these locations is dedicated to discipling men, women, youth, and adults by equipping them with the skills necessary to serve and reach the world for Jesus.

he University of the Nations offers training to people involved in different ministries by teaching them in the areas of Arts & Sports, Education, Christian Ministries, Communication, Counseling & Health, Humanities & International Studies, and Science & Technology. The methodology of the University of the Nations seeks to combine traditional (formal) teaching in classrooms with an environment of discipleship and practical experience (informal and non-formal) in the mission field. Many of our courses are bilingual, including in Brazil, and hundreds of others are offered in several locations around the world.

Upcoming Schools:

CHR 211 – Bible Core Course

January 20th to April 10th, 2020

CNH 223 – Family Ministry School

February 3th to April 24th, 2020


HMT/SCI 211 – Humanities & Science: A Christian Perspective

May 4th to July 24th, 2020

EDC – School of Circus

May 4th to July 24th, 2020


CMC 385 – School of Digital Filmmaking

August 3rd to October 24th, 2020

ATS/CHR 261 – School of Worship

August 3rd to October 24th, 2020


By believing that Jesus' command to be salt and light in the world means Christian service and witness in all areas of life, the University of the Nations strives to equip its students to see their professions in the light of the Gospel. For this, the University teaches them to biblically think, to discern spiritually and to act with humility.