There are many unique ways to get involved in helping struggling individuals within our community. We provide opportunities that they would not otherwise have. One is through our Viva Hope sponsorship program.  By participating in this program with a commitment of $25 a month, you will:

  • Allow us to provide the necessary resources and Christian mentorship for a child to succeed in life (school, career, society) through programs such as, but not limited to:
    • Sports (soccer, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, dance…)
    • English classes
    • Children’s story time
    • Women’s groups – Bible studies and crafts
    • Parenting classes
    • Counseling
    • Family Visits
  • Provide a safe, healthy environment for the children to grow and develop as they participate in our program.
  • Help Viva Hope Community Center to operate with more efficiency and vision
  • Receive a quarterly newsletter from Viva Hope Mercy Ministries

To sponsor a child, please fill out our simple contact information form below:

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Click on "Become a sponsor now" to set up your automatic monthly withdrawal or for more information, email us at


How much does it cost?

Sponsoring a child costs $25 a month or $300 for a full year. This covers the cost of one child to participate in our Viva Hope Community Center. If you prefer, we can set up an automatic withdrawal from your credit or debit card. If at any time you wish to discontinue your sponsorship, you are under no obligation to continue.

Am I sponsoring a specific child?

You will be covering the costs of one child that participates in our Viva Hope Community Center. Our program is not designed to specify one particular child.

Can a child still participate in Viva Hope programs without being sponsored?

Yes. Whether or not a child is sponsored, every child is welcomed into our Viva Hope programs. Sponsorship allows sufficient resources that all our kids need. Sponsorship allows us the ability to create unique opportunities for these children to interact with Christian adult role models.

What background do the children come from?

These children come from a variety of backgrounds, but the following statistics should provide you a snapshot into the reality of many of their lives. In Brazil, over 40% of children and adolescents (14 years or younger) live in impoverished homes - a total of 17.2 million young people. Those facing extreme poverty amount to 5.8 million, or 13.5%.  Poverty is defined as half of the monthly household income per capita (US$277) and extreme poverty is one fourth of the same. Also, statistics reveal that 18.4% of murders committed in Brazil in 2016, claimed the lives of 10,676 young people under the age of 19. Most of these youth (80.7%) were killed by gunfire.