School of Circus "Circando" (EDC) 

The school of Circus, Circando, aims to provide specific tools for all those who have a call for circus art. Given the need to center Christ in the circus generating a biblical culture through the circus. As well as enabling and awakening artists in the circus area who understand and express God's character through what they do. And similarly generate a biblical worldview in our artists.

Prerequisite: DSP 211 & 212

Credits: 12

This is a 12 weeks program:

  • 8 weeks in our circus at the base.
  • 4 weeks outside at the traveling circus.

Each week will be subdivided into three periods: morning, afternoon and evening. In the morning period will be addressed subjects of Christian knowledge, afternoon will be circus techniques and evening conversation groups and practices.

Basic Information:
Housing - Community housing (shared kitchen, bathroom, and living area)
Visa: Tourist visa (90 days then will have to renew for an extra 90 days if needed)
Child care - Childcare is offered for all FMS children, 0-2 will be allowed to attend class with you if that is your preference.

Schooling - Children who speak another language besides Portuguese will need to be home schooled during the FMS.


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Lecture phase and fees

Start:  May 4th, 2020

End:  July 24th, 2020

Lecture fees: R$3,200 per student

Application fee: R$800 per student

*prices are subject to change due to exchange rate

Field Assignment and fees

Start: tba
End: tba

Field Assignment Fees: tba 
*prices are subject to change due to exchange rate



About the Leaders