The lecture phase is followed by an 8-week outreach, which focuses on the practical application of the second half of our mission statement – “To Make Him Known”.

How will they know unless you tell them?

This phase provides an immediate opportunity for the students to put into practice the principles they have just learned in both domestic and cross-cultural field ministry.

The students and staff pray together during the lecture phase to determine their outreach location.  Through continued meeting and intercession times, they learn about God’s heart for their particular location and how the Father wants to use them to extend His Kingdom on earth.  He has commissioned each of us to strategically disciple men & nations.

Students will be able to deliver God’s message of love, life and hope through Christ that brings healing to the nations!  Through evangelism, stories, dramas, church ministry and practical help for the poor and needy, students will be able to see the transforming power of the Gospel.  Whenever possible, teams will work alongside existing ministries or community organizations to meet the needs of the people in that location.

After the outreach is complete, students will return to our campus for a brief time of sharing all that God has done.