The 12-week lecture phase focuses on the first part of our Mission Statement – “To Know God.”  It is an intense, 7 day per week program that emphasizes heart transformation and character development.  It is a journey to discover the heart of God and learn His ways.  In DTS, knowing God personally and intimately is the bottom line.

Visiting leaders and missionaries from around the globe will deliver powerful teaching in their area of expertise. Some topics include:

  • Prayer, intercession and hearing God’s voice
  • The character of God and personal character development
  • Relationship with God and others
  • Worship and spiritual warfare
  • Gaining God’s heart for the lost, evangelism and world missions
  • Life and worldview, and influencing areas of society

Some schools may have required reading to complement the teachings of that week.  The reading list varies from school to school.  You will be informed of any additional reading once you arrive.

Since the DTS is a registered school with the U of N (University of Nations), you will receive 20 college credits upon completion of the course. There are several colleges who will receive our credits.   

After completion of the 12-week lecture phase, the students make immediate application of the principles they have learned during the 8-week Outreach Phase