Bible Core Course (BCC) 

Bible Coure Course / CRH 211

The Bible Core Course (EFEB in portuguese) is a course of the College of Christian Ministries in the University of the Nations. There are two methods of Bible study: The deductive, which begins with generalization and seeking of texts to support them; and the inductive, which observes the passage on its text and its historical context.

Purpose of the school:

The goal of the EFEB is to lead the student to gain full knowledge of the Bible through the inductive method of observing the Scriptures directly in its context. Only through the Bible the student does learn to emerge in the Word by him/herself in order to get a good look at the text in a complete way. With this kind of reading we will obtain the three pillars of the school: observation, interpretation and personal application.

The EFEB is defined not only by the understanding of the Bible, but also in seeking the character of God as the basis for all areas in our lives. It is about observing Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life for all human knowledge.

The school has a duration of 12 weeks:

We will study Bible books that represent different literary forms, such as: some epistles in the New Testament, the gospel of Mark, Revelation, historical books, and prophetic books; including general knowledge about the Old Testament, Hebrew poetry, as well as information on the culture, history, economics, politics, and geography of the time concerning the book that is being studied.

The course is essentially a personal study method, and classes are taught every week in the morning.

Materials needed for the school:

The student will receive a Bible and an introductory book to EFEB, as well as all the handouts or materials that the teachers will deliver during the course at any extra cost.

Also, the student will need to have the following materials for personal use: notebook, wax chalk of various colors (suggestion for crayons: STAEDTLER), A4 paper, graph paper, ruler, pencil, sharpener, rubber, A4 size plastic sachets (for delivery of papers), calculator and a dictionary of Portuguese language. It is extremely important during school the use of a computer or notebook, so we suggest you to bring it for using during class and for the performance of personal work.


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Lecture phase and fees

Start:  Jan. 20th, 2020

Lecture fees: R$2,700 per student

Application fee: R$900 per student

*prices are subject to change due to exchange rate

Field Assignment and fees

Start: tba
End: tba

Field Assignment Fees: tba 
*prices are subject to change due to exchange rate