We are a Youth With A Mission base located outside of Curitiba, Brazil. Our name is YWAM - Eagle's Mountain (Monte das Aguias). We love to pioneer new things and meet new people.  At the moment, we have about 70 full-time staff  who serve with us.  We speak Portuguese, English, Russian and much more!  Our doors opened up in 2005.  Since then, we’ve grown in God, numbers, DTS schools and doing missions around Brazil and into the nations.

We live on a big piece of land (around 100,000 square meters of green high land)  and there is plenty of room to connect with God in nature, play sports, do arts, and grow in a diverse community.  God is doing amazing things in Brazil and we are so privileged to be part of this time. Our base is located only 20 minutes from down town Curitiba, with all means of transportation to get into the big city.

We appreciate Brazilian culture and knowing more of who God is, His faithfulness and how He transforms lives.  Our vision is to train leaders to go to the least reached nations and impact areas of society in Curitiba.

Join us and help transform the lives around Curitiba and into the nations!

Brazil  is considered the biggest melting pot of the world. Where people from all nations come together as one. Since it was colonized by Europe it has influences from both Europe and indigenous societies as well as Africans and Asians. Brazilians are considered (according to the last 2 international polls) to be the most optimistic and hopeful  people of the planet.

It is the largest country  in south America and one of the largest in the world that incorporates physical diversity. Brazil has different time zones and climate. Mountains, rain forests, a huge coast with big coastal cities and prairie land.  Brazil also has a lot of natural resources such as gas, oil, mineral and agriculture.

The official language is Portuguese. The currency is the Brazilian real, one US dollar is about 2,30 reais or  one Euro is around 3.78 reais (click here to see rates for current conversions). The population in the country is around 200 million and Brasilia, the capital city, has 2.5 million inhabitants. The biggest city is Sao Paulo with about 20 million people.

The main religion in Brazil is Roman Catholicism but the Protestant Church has increased a lot since the past 4 decades. The Brazilian protestant church counts between 20 and 30% of the population. Brazil is a traditional country that respects what they know. But here, as everywhere, occultism, consumerism and porverty are present and strong.


Curitiba is the capital of the Southern State of Paraná and it has 3 million inhabitants. The city is situated in a valley close to the Coast (about 70 KMs) in the South of Brazil. The beaches of the coast of Paraná are among the most beautiful in the country with the Honey Island being the crown of them all. Curitiba has an altitude of 960 meters above sea level. It is close to the Iguassu falls, one of the new natural 7 wonders of the world.

Curitiba was founded over 300 years ago; it is the birth of the first University of Brazil. The population of the city in its majority is Italian with a lot of Polish, Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, Dutch and many other nationalities. With the new comers being Chinese and Koreans. Curitiba is well-known for its architecture, public transportation, green parks and its ecological programs and also for being the cultural capital of Brazil.

Curitiba has one of the best climates in the world. In the summer you can get up to 31c and in the winter it can go down to -5c. The average temperature in Curitiba is 23 degrees c.